Project Details

Design doc to come, please check again after 0.1 release
This pages lists features that are either implemented or to come. Being that the project is still pre 0.1 a lot are not implemented



  • Full 3D for everything (not 2.5D)
  • Saving and loading of game state
  • All standard RTS interface features (Select, drag select, movement and attack etc)
  • Particle component for smoke and fires etc

Terrain and Landscape

  • Pre generated and runtime generated
  • Infrastructure (Such as roads and bridges)
  • Optimised (Geo mip mapped and LOD etc)
  • Additional "prettiness" such as water and trees


  • Entity structure that allows customisable units (interchangeable weapons/special abilities etc)
  • Movement and physics for base unit types (Plane, wheeled, biped etc)
  • Projectile system that allows for dumb fire and homing


  • Pathfinding
  • Group behaviour (Formations)
  • Ability to formulate and Cordinate battle plans

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